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Easy to use process
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Accurate, reliable data
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Trained investigative support
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A package for every budget
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    Background Check News

    5 monthsago
    Every time a business hires a new employee, it is an investment of the company’s time, money, and resources; therefore, that is why it is important to screen each potential new hire prior to officially hiring them.  Pre-employment screening, also known as background checks, will...
    2 yearsago
    Why is this time critical for background checks on home health workers? At this critical time in health and medicine, the need for in home health care workers is on the rise. Meaning the current need for background checks on home health workers is also on...
    seasonal worker background check
    3 yearsago
    The holidays are a time of year where emotions run high and the best of behavior is expected of everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to live up to those jolly expectations. With many seasonal roles needing to be filled (for example hired Santas,...

    Professional Grade Background Checks

    When it comes to background checks for employee screening, volunteer screening and screening domestic help, you are all-in or there is no point.

    What we mean by that is, a background check that is limited in terms of where searches are conducted or how many places one actually needs it look is like buying a bucket with holes in it. What slips through can hurt you and your organization. Saving a few dollars per search and leaving yourself unnecessarily exposed is almost as bad as skipping the background check altogether.

    Background Check Central only offers professional grade background checks, and we do it at very competitive prices. Unlike most companies that provide background checks, we aren’t concerned about big volume and saving money by cutting corners. We would rather help to protect our client and keep them happy for years to come.

    At ASG Investigations, the parent company of Background Check Central; we have observed the evolution of pre-employment background screening, employee background checks and background investigations. In the beginning, only employers hiring executives and higher-level employees were conducting these valuable searches. In today’s market, it is an absolute necessity for all employers to conduct background investigations on potential employees before making hiring decisions in order to maintain a safe, productive work environment and to eliminate loss. Additionally, many companies have implemented initiatives to screen all of their employees annually in order to continually maintain a safe and productive workplace.

    Unfortunately, workplace violence, theft, loss of property, sexual harassment, fraud and inefficiency due to poor qualifications are of great concern to employers. We understand these issues and have setup our pre-employment screening department to meet and exceed the concerns of our clients.

    Remember that “the best predictor of future performance is past behavior.”

    ASG is Different

    We know that our potential clients need to shop around for the best prices and the most comprehensive services. We ask that you do take a look at other companies offering pre-employment screening. Human resource managers, executives and CEO’s expect that their employees are getting the best product for their money. We are confident that we are that company.

    Professional Background Screening Association

    The truth about “Package Deals”

    What you will often find with our competitors are “package deals”. Take a close look at what you are being offered. Often times by purchasing the package, you are paying for Employee Screening searches that are irrelevant or not needed by your company.

    At ASG, you make your own package and know exactly what you are going to pay ahead of time. No hidden fees, no extra charges.

    “Instant Results”

    If a company is offering instant Employee Screening results, they are not providing you with direct source data. This is a very simple concept. Court records, state arrest records and conviction data take some time to be retrieved. In most cases twenty-four to seventy-two hours for criminal history searches and court record searches. If a company claims to be able to obtain this data in less time, be wary.

    Often times, a pre-employment screening company will buy bulk, outdated data. This is not directly from the source that created it and is almost always outdated.

    Easy Online Ordering

    Real Life Example

    As a litmus test, ask a pre-employment screening company how long it takes to have an Illinois Statewide Criminal History Search returned. If they reply that it takes any less than forty-eight hours, they are not providing you with results directly from the Illinois State Police. The IL State Police take an average of take forty-eight to seventy-two hours to return all criminal history requests.

    Another gauge is to ask a background check company if they can obtain Statewide Criminal History Searches in Ohio. Their reply should be that the applicant must submit a fingerprint card to the Ohio State Police. This is because there is no other way for a third party vendor to obtain true statewide criminal history searches in Ohio. Be cautious, several companies offer this as part of their services. We have created alternatives to this issue that exist in several states.

    “National Criminal History Search”

    All we can say about this gross misrepresentation is that if such a search existed, not only would our jobs be very easy, but the need for individual state searches and county level searches would be unnecessary. Being that only twenty or so states actually have accessible statewide criminal history searches, it is not likely that there will be such a tool available anytime soon.

    As an example, the Federal Government maintains and utilizes at least five separate databases for criminal histories. In some cases, a federal officer may have to contact an individual state to have a search run. If a company offers this type of search, they are selling you a disclaimer. Be cautious.

    The only true, government supported national search is the Department of Justice national sex offender database. This covers all 50 states and links directly to their sex offender databases. We recommend having this search conducted on all applicants because of its value and necessity.

    As licensed private investigators, we offer complete pre-employment screening and current employee screening, ranging from a basic overview to a comprehensive background investigation. We do more than punch a name in a computer and print up a canned employee screening report.

    Please see our services description page for an explanation of the Employee Screening searches that we conduct.

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