Verification of an applicant’s personal information

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Applicant Identity Verification for Employee Background Investigations

Background checks, no matter the depth or scope, rely on the input of data through a variety of sources of information. It might be necessary for personal information verification. The results of the searches depends entirely on the entry of valid and confirmed data. At BackgroundCheckCentral, we believe that no background investigation should begin without first verifying what information is provided to us by our clients and ultimately what information has been supplied by an applicant. The most common forms of provided information are; name, date of birth, social security number and address. Each of these components is used for a variety of purposes during the background investigation process. Often, the applicant’s name, date of birth and social security number are used to search and later verify the existence or non-existence of records and define the ultimate outcome of the investigation. By this, we mean that not only are data records searched using these key pieces of information, but each piece can be used to verify any records that might be based solely on one of those three key elements. Because this is the crux of the investigation process, we believe it imperative that we verify what data we utilize to conduct such searches. The fourth key piece of information used during the background investigation process is an applicant’s current and prior addresses. This data identifies jurisdictions where searches should ultimately take place, especially with an applicant who has resided in multiple counties, cities or even states.

Personal Information Verification

Make no mistake, when applicants have records they don’t want you to find, they will attempt to hide them! The best and most effective way for applicants to continue through the screening process without their negative records being discovered is to provide false or altered information to a background screening company. Often times, we see dates of birth slightly modified or social security numbers that are one or two digits off. Applicants know that the majority of searches rely on this information to produce results and can hide from the records they know exist by supplying different data than what is on record. The same is true of an applicant with records that exist in other jurisdictions. By not supplying prior addresses in those previous areas where they have lived and/or worked, the applicant can avoid searches directed to those regions.

Fortunately, none of this is new to us and we have developed a process to quickly identify false information & personal information verification that has been provided before continuing with our investigation. By utilizing our “name, address, date of birth, SSN and residential history” search, we can verify that the information that you were provided is correct and that all prior addresses within the scope of the investigation can be searched accurately. We automatically notify the employer of any discrepancies and can give an applicant a chance to provide the correct information before we begin the investigative process and ultimately locate any actual records that apply. We are also able to use an applicant’s prior addresses to identify other locations where they have lived; giving us the ability to recommend additional searches that may apply, giving us the best chance at the most accurate and complete records available.