Quiet on Set

Safeguarding Our Children in Light of ID Docuseries ‘Quiet on Set’

The ID Documentary series “Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV” has unraveled incredibly alarming stories that tug on our heartstrings. The series peels back the curtain on some of Nickelodeon’s most beloved shows from the ’90s and 2000s. It brings to light a side of child fame that often stays hidden – … Read more

Background Checks for Hospitality Employees

The Importance of Conducting Background Checks for Hospitality Employees

Meeting customer needs while maintaining trustworthiness, reliability, and professionalism in the world of hospitality is is essential. Background checks for hospitality employees play a crucial role in safeguarding the reputation of hospitality establishments, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for guests, and building a dependable workforce. Let’s talk more about background checks for hospitality employees, key factors … Read more

The Importance of Background Checks for Gig Workers

The Role and Challenges of Employee Background Checks for Gig Workers

The gig economy has seen unprecedented growth in recent years, providing flexibility and earning opportunities for millions of workers. However, the unique nature of gig work, characterized by short-term engagements and independent contractor status, presents challenges for traditional employment practices, including employee background checks. Today, we we’re discussing the importance of employee background checks for … Read more

Importance of Background Checks for Online Dating Safety

The Importance of Background Checks for Online Dating Safety

The rise of dating has completely transformed the way people form connections providing an array of platforms that offer potential relationships. While these digital avenues have opened up possibilities, for connections it’s important to be aware of the risks they entail. One crucial aspect in ensuring dating safety is conducting background checks. Today we’re discussing … Read more

The Necessities of background check on officials - featured

Guarding Public Trust: The Necessity of Background Checks on Public Officials

Spotlighting the Importance of Background Checks on Police and Firefighters In the intricate look through of that of public service, the thorough vetting of individuals assuming roles as public officials is a cornerstone of maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity within governance. Background checks on some mode specific types of public officials are not more specifically … Read more

Pre-Employment Screening During Covid-19

Every time a business hires a new employee, it is an investment of the company’s time, money, and resources; therefore, that is why it is important to screen each potential new hire prior to officially hiring them.  Pre-employment screening, also known as background checks, will help protect your company’s organization, workforce, and brand.  Although the … Read more

Top 6 Reasons to Do an Annual Background Check

Reasons to Do an Annual Background Check Doing an annual background check during the hiring process is important. Doing annual background checks is just as critical. Checking up on your employees and partners ensures that you have aligned yourself with trustworthy people – unless the facts prove otherwise, and then you have some decisions to … Read more

Background Checks for Home Health Workers

Why is this time critical for background checks on home health workers? At this critical time in health and medicine, the need for in home health care workers is on the rise. Meaning the current need for background checks on home health workers is also on the rise. The current “stay home” initiative that is … Read more

Employee Screening for HR Made Simple

In today’s environment, employee screening for HR professionals can be simple, efficient and effective. The key is to work with the right employee screening agency and get to truly understand what they provide so you and your company actually benefit from the outcome. A great way to start is to understand how the employee screening … Read more

Seasonal Worker Background Checks

The holidays are a time of year where emotions run high and the best of behavior is expected of everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to live up to those jolly expectations. With many seasonal roles needing to be filled (for example hired Santas, house sitters, pet sitters, etc.), there’s never been a more important … Read more