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Employee Drug Screening

In today’s world, an employee drug screening is necessary when it comes to any industry. Whether a company decides to only implement drug tests when they onboard new employees, in a random time-frame throughout the year, or periodically for every employee, these tests can help a workforce to be the best it can be.

Employers like yourself understand their limitations that illicit substances have on a workforce in terms of capability and productivity, not to mention the liability that comes along with having an individual under the influence of a drug in the workplace.

employee drug screening

Here at Background Check Central, we aim to make the employee drug screening process an easy step for you and your company—our fully customizable options are designed for ease of access and use for any company, large or small.

What’s the point of pre-employment drug testing?

With major changes happening all around the country, it seems like many municipalities and even states have become much “lax” with their policies and laws as they relate to drug legality. Not surprisingly, failed drug test rates have been on the rise within the last few years due to changes like these happening in our society and culture.

What’s important to remember is that having a drug screening policy that disallows employees to use a drug like marijuana that can be seen as recreational is not something that turns people away from applying to your company; rather, it shows them what is acceptable in your company’s culture.

When it comes down to liabilities, many companies must test for illicit substances on a regular basis due to hazards that are always in place in the event of a disaster. Think of it this way: you call your home’s electrical utility supplier because of a downed power line that fell during a recent storm, so you expect he or she to show up in a timely manner with the full capability of fixing the problem: little do you know, this employee was at the bar prior to coming over to your home, and proceeds to end up starting your home on fire due to a careless oversight caused by human error. While this is a very negligent scenario, in this case, the company’s first step would be to immediately drug test the worker to make sure that they specifically cannot be held liable for the damages and for hiring someone who drinks while on the job.

Not only does drug screening prevent your company from being liable in drastic situations, but it also fosters a culture of hard work, respect, and clear-minded thought in the workplace.

Every supervisor wishes for 100% productivity all the time, but we know this is unreasonable. Guaranteeing that your employees come into work free of mind-altering substances is a chance you can take to ensure that employees aren’t taking advantage of your company and its benefits to foster their negative habits.

What are common options for employee drug screening?

Here at BGCC, we offer five different employee drug screening “panels” or options for you to choose from with options varying for how deep of a level you desire applicants or employees to be tested on:

  • 6 Panel – A test for six major illicit drugs including amphetamines, cocaine, THC, Opiates, PCP, and Ecstasy.
  • 7 Panel – includes all options in the 6 panel and adds a test for Oxycodone/Oxymorphone.
  • 8 Panel – Standard 6 panel with additional tests for Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Valium, etc.) and Barbiturates.
  • 9 Panel – All options with the 8 Panel test including Oxycodone/Oxymorphone
  • 10 Panel – All options with the 9 Panel test including Methadone.

Employee drug screening options can be chosen based off of how in-depth your need for a drug test needs to be and can be decided on a case-by-case basis. This means that not every person you hire needs to have the same drug test. If a background check comes back detailing that an applicant has had a drug charge for a specific substance years in the past and you commonly choose the 6-panel, it is not wrong to choose a deeper, more involved test for this specific applicant.

In addition, test options are available for other drugs you don’t see in the above listed panel options. These tests can be chosen a-la-carte and administered to applicants as needed, while still coming with our hassle and cost-free online service!

How do we find out the results?

As with most tests, a third-party location is necessary for the completion of the urinalysis. While some organizations complete their employment drug tests in-house (hospitals, government agencies, etc.) they often have a special individual in charge of handling these tests or contract out an individual to complete the drug test analysis when the time comes to keep employees honest.

Here at BGCC, we have an online system (free of charge) that makes the process simple for both you and the applicant:

  • Applicants are sent a link with details regarding the test date, time, and location.
  • Following the test, results will be sent back to us and automatically input into a report which is the final product sent to you.

We strive to make the process easy and hassle free on all fronts, taking the responsibility away from you (the employer) so there is more time to focus directly on the hiring process.

Why Choose Background Check Central for your pre employment drug testing?

Many companies offer employment drug tests, but it is our goal to streamline the process and make Background Check Central your one-stop shop for all pre-employment drug screening needs. Our staff of highly trained, experienced, real investigators have years of experience in conducting background checks and working directly with people. You won’t find any automated service here.We take pride in our ability to give our clients a different experience than those that they have had in the past working with other background screening companies.

Package deals are available as well, so if you are interested in bundling a background check option with drug screening, or simply looking to enact rolling drug tests, give us a call today to speak with someone about the available options.