Background Screening Information: Where It Comes From

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Background Screening Information, Where Does It Come From?

The short answer is “many places”…

…most of which are public records, meaning they came from some level of federal state or local government such as The Illinois State Police Central Records Archive or other public departments of record in cities and municipalities.

Other sources of background screening information include private companies that purchase information from companies and government entities and bundle it up to provide several types of information to companies that conduct background checks. The information is often limited to addresses and other basic information but it is vital in developing a detailed history on an applicant.

Pre-Employing Screening Criminal Records Database Verification

Note that because the background screening information searched for often resides in different states, what is available in one state may not be available in another. Along the same lines, each state may charge different rates for their information.

When choosing which searches best fit your industry, it is important to know what types of background screening information are out there. If locating criminal records is the highest priority, searching with state and local municipalities is where you have to start. It is common for applicants with criminal histories to no disclose this to their employer. Often times, charges of theft, assault, retail fraud, domestic violence and drug related offenses are located and in some cases these charges are found outside of where the applicant currently resides. This is another reason it is recommended that you conduct a search of an applicant’s residential history to determine if they have lived elsewhere and not declared it on their application.

Contact Background Check Central located in Clinton Township, Michigan for background screening information as well as questions on what is needed for your local community.  Background Check Central is a division of ASG Investigations Licensed Private Detectives.