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Political Campaign Worker Background Check

A recent study by the Keller Fay Group showed that 83 percent of all conversations in America about politics are taking place face to face. With political campaign workers being the face of your campaign and your surrogate mouthpiece, knowing they have passed a political campaign worker background check should be high on the to-do list of any campaign manager.

We get it, campaigns are fast and furious and it’s easy for things like background checks to get left off of the list of things that get done. Often times your campaign will outsource large chunks of the campaign to political consultants who will handle your staffing needs. The number one question you need to ask them is “Can our field staff pass a basic background check?” Remember that these staffers are the people knocking on doors, interacting with the public and often times the face of your campaign. If they cannot pass a Political Campaign Worker Background Check, they may be doing more damage than good.

Two calls you do not want to get during your campaign:

  1. “Hey, uh (insert your name here), we just got a call about (insert field campaign worker name here) and apparently his wife, I mean ex-wife, saw on Facebook that he was working for the campaign, and apparently he’s over one year in arrears on his child support. She called the authorities. And the news media. Do you have a minute to talk with them on camera?”

2. “Uh (insert your name here and imagine it’s the last three weeks of the campaign when you’re kind of busy), we just found out that the guy we hired to run our field effort—and we didn’t know this—but apparently he was fired from his last job for pretending to knock on doors and faking answers to survey questions. I think we’ve caught him doing it again. What should we do? Now I’m afraid our GOTV program is totally off.”

According to a 2014 CareerBuilder survey, 58 percent of hiring managers “spotted exaggerations or outright fabrications on resumes.” Interestingly, while they did not have a breakout for “political professionals,” the sectors that were worst included financial services with 73 percent of resumes containing some form of falsehood, followed by leisure and hospitality at 71 percent. Information technology and health care, both at 63 percent, tied for third.

Knowing that the funds for political campaigns are not limitless, we at Background Check Central can tailor a Political Campaign Worker Background Check to meet your specific needs. For those staffers who knock on doors, you can screen criminal and civil records to look for red flags that may reflect poorly on your campaign. For staffers with larger responsibilities we can search the criminal and civil records but also check their references, verify their education level, talk with staffers from other campaigns they worked on and check other areas of concern.

If you are staffing up for a campaign and want to make sure YOU and your message are heard without any distractions from the backgrounds of your staffers, feel free to contact us today to discuss how Background Check Central can help you or your campaign with a Political Campaign Worker Background Check that will give you actual peace of mind at very affordable pricing.