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Executive Background Check

When it comes time to hire, a lot of time and effort is put into searching for the right person. Consider the need for an Executive Background Check.

Whether you are seeking someone to sit at a desk or work out in the field, you are putting your faith in them to represent your company and brand. But when searching for the high-level executive, you have even greater concerns and challenges because now you’re hiring at the decision-making level. In many cases, these individuals will be the face of your company, and making decisions that will have a lasting impact on your company. There is a higher level of trust that goes into hiring a high-level executive. Not to mention high-level executive candidates have unique professional histories and expectations of a white-gloved approach to the hiring process. Offering someone a high-level position without first conducting an Executive Background Check could prove to be detrimental to your company.

What an Executive Background Check Will Uncover

The risks associated with hiring a high-level executive are far more significant than with an average employee.  Whether you are hiring a high-level executive for the long term or just looking for someone for a short period of time, a thorough look at their background in necessary to ensure the integrity of your company is not compromised. An Executive Background Check can provide objective and pivotal details about a candidate’s:

  • Past Performance
  • Character
  • Credibility
  • Qualifications
  • Education
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Links to Organized Crime

Today’s easily accessible availability of technological capabilities makes it easy for someone to falsify their degree, experience, documentation, employment records, references and even their identity. If you are taking the word of every candidate, you are already making a potentially catastrophic mistake in your hiring process. You could be hiring a high-level executive who has inflated their qualifications, who has a criminal record or who has “accidentally” omitted key material information. An Executive Background Check by a trained professional private investigator will uncover the truth about your candidates, regardless of what their resume says.

Consequences of Not Conducting an Executive Background Check

You have spent a lifetime building your company and your brand, but it only takes a minute to destroy it all. Criminal misconduct or inappropriate and unethical workplace behavior at the executive level of your company could quickly turn into a media nightmare. Not only does the character of the high-level executive in question come to light, but also the people he or she directly works with. You would be forced to answer some hard questions. The entire company, the brand’s credibility, legitimacy and worth would all come into question and the high-level executive’s Executive Background Check performed by trained private investigators would be the forefront of your defense. The board, shareholders, employees, customer and clients would all suffer the consequences of a poorly vetted high-level executive hire. You can’t afford not to hire a trained professional private investigator to conduct your Executive Background Checks.

Why an Internal Executive Background Check Isn’t Enough

Certainly, you may be thinking that you do indeed conduct thorough background checks, not only for individuals applying for high-level executive positions but for every position in the company, all the way down to entry level candidates. Kudos to you for having a plan in place to screen potential employees.  But don’t think for one second that you are uncovering all that there is to know about a candidate. There is only so much information that a computerized, systematic background check is able to uncover. Many firms that focus on processing massive quantities of lower-level employees lack the focus and capability to provide truly deep, meaningful information that will uncover the true character and integrity of your potential high-level executive hire like our Executive Background Check can.

Why You Must Hire a Professional Investigator for Your Executive Background Checks

The depth of our background checks which are performed by trained professional private investigators go far beyond the standard computerized check-box searches. High-level executive-position candidates do not fit into the automated background check system because of their unique professional histories. A thorough investigation into this person’s professional life reduces the risks your entire company is taking on by considering this individual for a high-level executive position.

An Executive Background Check conducted by trained private investigators will verify education and employment as well as professional references. A professionally conducted Executive Background Check will dig into civil and criminal records at the county, state, and federal levels, as well as scour sex offender registries. A prohibited parties check is conducted to rule out any chances of terrorism, a heinous offense that has a global yet intimate reach.

Why Hire Background Check Central?

Executive Background Checks are sensitive, and you may not want to offend a potential business partner, coworker, or superior by brazenly digging into their past. Don’t allow friendliness or shared interests deter you from doing what is right for your livelihood and the financial security of your employees, shareholders, and beyond.  Outsourcing an Executive Background Check to Background Check Central not only ensures a thorough search of your high-level executive candidates for hire, it is an impartial and honest report about the person you’re considering adding to your executive team. This check should be conducted by a trained private investigator from Background Check Central will help ensure the high-level candidate you select is someone you can trust with your company’s sensitive information, financial records and personnel records.

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