Scheduled to Go Live on June 1st

Advanced Surveillance Group, a leading private investigative agency, has launched This new website allows HR professionals, business owners and others charged with hiring employee a one stop shop for fast, affordable employee screening services produced by private investigators.

In a field cluttered by employee screening services provided by large companies who rely on software to provide results, one of America’s premier private investigative agencies now provides employee screening conducted by detectives, not databases.

BackgroundCheckCentral is different. Most employee screening service providers are software firms that have developed programs that search through public records with little to no human oversight. BackgroundCheckCentral provides all of the advantages of the best in search technology with the essential component of having licensed private investigators conduct these searches, providing professional insight and review to each file. The result: far superior results in terms of detail and accuracy.

“It is both amazing and reckless for any company that provides employee screening services to rely on software and legal disclaimers rather than professional oversight when providing information about an applicant’s reported past. If the information is wrong, at the least, the applicant will be denied the job unfairly. At the worst, the client firm gets sued, pays a big award and ends up embarrassed in the press” said Paul Dank, Principal with Advanced Surveillance Group. He added “We have responsibility to protect our clients interests and those of the subject of the background check. Relying on a piece of software to do things right may yield the most profit, but it leaves the client exposed to some substantial risk and is simply the wrong way to do business. As licensed private detectives, we know how to search for information electronically and by hand, how to identify potential errors and when to take a second look or go straight to the source of information to confirm it. That’s the best of both worlds.”

The site provides information about the background check process, best practices, potential pits falls and how to order services. There is also a background check news blog designed to capture and report the latest news in an ever changing industry.