Fake Credentials Flooding Industry

There are several websites out there offering fake credentials such as, references, diplomas, employment information and personal character interviews. The names of these sites alone are enough to leave you wondering if the person you are about to hire is being truthful or if they are “faking their way onto the job”.

Alibihq.com, absolutealibis.com, careerexcuse.com, careerhoax.com and careercheat.com are just a few that I have come across. These sits offer just about any lie you can imagine ranging from references from made up companies to false credentials.  If it sounds fishy, investigate the company/reference through pubic records and information available on the web.  These fictitious companies and educational facilities are just shells names.  Likely if you cannot find any records of these places online, they don’t exist and your applicant is trying to “fake their way onto the job”.