Employee Social Security Numbers Stolen and at Risk

Employee Social Security Numbers Stolen and at Risk. Another case of stolen social security numbers. A New Hampshire insurance provider may have had thousands of health care provider’s social security numbers stolen. This is the latest in cases where large quantities of social security number were stolen. It is scary to think that now doctors and health care works are at risk from the same technology that is supposed to protect them and their patients.

The use for these numbers may include identity theft and any number of additional fraudulent uses. Many of these numbers could be sold to illegal immigrants or organizations outside of the United States. Often times, stolen social security numbers are used by individuals who do not have the legal right to work in the United States or have criminal convictions that would be located had they used their actual numbers.

The cause of most of these thefts is likely human error; usually a stolen or misplaced computer or a failure to secure data. Employee social security numbers stolen, a detailed background check on employees should always be conducted by expert employee screening firm.