Protect Your Company from a Bad Hire, Starting with the Resume!

Resumes help you to determine if a candidate is a right fit for a position within your company. However, statistics show that an overwhelming number of people lie on their resume. How do you find out which are little white lies and which are fraud? Here are some helpful hints to protect your company from the latter:

1. VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY! First make sure the person is who they say. After that you can verify their education and previous employers.

2. Do your own research. Spend a few minutes online to confirm the company names and phone numbers match up with what the applicant gave you.

3. Confirm dates. If an applicant uses only years for employment dates, such as 2012-2013 it seems fine. However, what if those dates were really 11/2012 to 1/2013. That changes everything.

4. Use caution. In this day and age it is relatively easy for someone to make their own realistic documents with just a few clicks. Diplomas and check stubs should be verified by the original source. Having a background screening provider like Background Check Central, can help eliminate the possibility of bad hires. Have a question? Call us at [main var: phone number html]