Volunteer Screening Information

On our social media pages, we have been posting often about the use of background checks for volunteer screening.  Whether it is a healthcare setting, youth coaches and referees, or school volunteers their is a need and responsibility to protect the youth and elderly from potentially dangerous volunteers.

With crimes against children and the elderly being more common than ever, we’d like to give you some cost effective solutions to help you properly screen your volunteers.

Understanding which background check you should be running is crucial.  Verifying identity, a criminal background check and sex offender registry check should be done on each volunteer. You must also follow any of your states required checks, which may include child abuse clearance.  If the volunteer will be driving, we also recommend verifying the person’s driver’s license and running a driver record search.

Because Background Check Central has customized options to suit your specific needs, you can get the information you value most, while still keeping your costs contained.