Applicant Tracking System Integration

trackingAt Background Check Central, we understand that the hiring process is multifaceted and countless man hours can be wasted reviewing forms and ensuring proper compliance when making a decision.  One of our goals is to eliminate the added stress of conducting a pre-employment screening and we have partnered with over 100 ATS to streamline the hiring and tracking process.

Applicant Tracking Systems are more important now than ever before.  Recruiting technology is not only important to success, but a critical element.  Simply put ATS integration means faster results.  By integrating with already existing tracking systems we have managed to forge a method that provides our services with no additional administrative time by our clients.  While this is particularly useful for high volume businesses, we have no limits or monthly requirements.  Our ATS integration is just as useful to a landlord who runs five tenant screenings per month as it is to a large corporation conducting hundreds of pre-employment screening searches.

If you have any questions about how to best implement an integration do not hesitate to contact our office.