Instant Online Background Checks vs. Background Check Central

Every day we get people who call that want to get background checks done for employment, tenant, volunteer, etc. Some people ask me what is the different between you and the quick online instant checks that I see advertised. There is one more thing I do tell them, that here at Background Check Central, we are licensed private investigators. The searches that we run on your applicant(s) we are knowledgeable in the information we receive and we know what to search for. We conduct the searches ourselves in office and make sure the information that is given to you is accurate. If we are missing information or need to verify more information with the courts, we will contact the courts to exhaust all efforts to get that information.

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When it comes to the online instant check databases, they are finding anything that is online and open to the public, which not everything is. They are instant because they have all the databases built into one and go through that information only. Searches that they databases look through are department of corrections, incarcerations, then even buy police records but they aren’t up to date. With individuals that have common names, you can receive information back on a person with the same name as your applicant but isn’t your applicant. They could have the same name but different date of birth or not even be in the same state as your applicant. The databases will generate the information that is found without verifying the information before sent to you. As licensed private investigators, we will make sure that the information you receive is on the right applicant.

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