What to Expect on a Credit Check

Running a credit check on an applicant is very important, especially if they are going to go into a field that is for accounting, finance, banking, etc. You want someone that is going to be handling money to make sure that they can handle their own, as well.

Here at Background Check Central, we can run an applicant’s credit report, we can get anywhere from what they have open, what exactly it is that they have open whether it is a mortgage, car payment, education loans, etc. It can let us know how much they have open, minimum payments, and how much is still left to pay off. It shows if the individual has ever been late on a payment, how long and how many times they were late. It tells us whether the individual is in good standing with that account, paid off, or even in collections. The only thing we can’t show you is the individual’s credit score for employment purposes.

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