Background Check Employee Screening is Usually Done by a Machine!

Background Check Employee Screening is Usually Done by a Machine.

We understand that you likely don’t want to hear that, but it is the unfortunate way that the industry has developed. If you take the time to think about this, it’s rather scary! For the average employer who relies on background check employee screening services, somewhere in cyberspace, a machine is background check employee screening servicesmindlessly chugging away. The machine is backed up by a legal  document called an agreement which is full of disclaimers exonerating the machine for missing things or falsely reporting them to the client. No one reviews the report you bought. No one actually knows what the machine did. No judgement on accuracy is ever rendered. In short, the machine is driving the bus and it doesn’t matter if it crashes with you on it or not.

At, ALL of our background check employee screening services are conducted by A REAL INVESTIGATOR! An expert conducts your search, reviews the search and ensures that, with the help of those machines, the search was conducted in the correct places using the correct information. If a question should arise, anytime, about the background check employee screening services we provided, an actual investigator who is knowledgeable about that exact matter is available to answer questions and provide explanations. Don’t settle for a cheap, web based, machine created background check. Go with the pros who can keep you from “settling” in court when a bad hire slips past the others!

Here are some steps that potential clients go through when they search for a background check company to handle their pre-employement screening. This list should provide you with a good outline of things to prepare and be aware of before you go shopping for a pre-employment screening vendor.

Set a Budget

What do you expect to spend per applicant?

Determine Your Screening Needs

  • As you will find, there are a lot of search options out there.
  • Are there any industry requirements that you have to comply with?
  • What is important to your company to know about your applicants?
  • You may not know what is important, this is okay; at ASG, our investigators will take the time to go through all of the available searches we offer.

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