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    Firefighter Background Checks and Police Officer Background Checks

    Background Checks for municipal employeesFirefighters, police officers, police cadets, administrative staff, municipal workers, and politically appointed department leaders are in a unique position of public trust and scrutiny. Whether these entrusted government employees work for a small town or big city, they are paid in taxpayer dollars and therefore their character, background and standing in their various communities is of the utmost importance. Correctly performed, background checks for municipal employees including firefighter background checks and police officer background checks are essential.

    At Background Check Central, we understand that these specialized employees – representing various state, county and local municipalities – require a unique form of background investigation. Unfortunately, few companies can say that they actually specialize in background checks for municipal employees and have references to show you. Fortunately, at Background Check Central, we have the experience and manpower required to accomplish such investigations. Most importantly, as licensed Michigan Professional Investigators, we employ a stable of specialized investigators trained in individual disciplines, focusing on areas such as conducting field interviewing, public record research and data analysis. Setting us apart from traditional data vendor background screening companies who might periodically perform fire fighter background checks and police officer background checks is our strength in obtaining human intelligence through telephone or in-person interviews, conducted by investigators trained and practiced in this field.

    Background Checks for Municipalities including Police and Firefighters

    We specialize in background checks for municipal employees!

    In most cases, applicants provide a list of references, both personal and professional for use in conducting a firefighter background check. We have found that these references are almost always positive and in some cases, even rehearsed. Of course these sources are going to provide the only most polished commentary! They are by definition, applicant provided references. Unfortunately, too many employers are basing their opinions of character, work ethic and abilities on these provided references alone. It is common knowledge that when hiring, nearly all federal agencies take the process of reference interviews a step further than most civilian employers. These agencies have long used methods of identifying additional sources of reference to interview, thereby gathering information as to an applicant’s background and character outside of the handful of provided sources. This can be a key differentiator when conducting fire fighter background checks or police officer background checks. As licensed professional investigators, we are also able to develop detailed lists of contacts outside of the scope of what an applicant has provided, ensuring a more well rounded, reliable and thorough approach to reference interviewing. Equally important is the efficiency at which we are able to accomplish these field interviews. It is not uncommon for a municipality handling these types of field interviews themselves to spend upwards of 60 hours per applicant. At Background Check Central, we are often able to complete applicant background checks, including reference interviews, in less than half of that amount of time, saving taxpayer dollars and employee oversight time.

    Some of the advantages of working with us on firefighter background checks and police officer background checks include:

    In summary, it is in the best interest of the communities in which these civil employees serve to have professional, trained and specialized licensed investigators conducting fire fighter background checks and police officer background checks, featuring reference interviews done in a process similar to the standards of the federal government.


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