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    Intern Background ScreeningIntern Background Screening

    With summer just around the corner, many employers are ramping up their workforce with the addition of summer interns. Summer jobs are popular among students looking to network with professionals in their field, gain experience in the workplace, and in the case of paid internships, make some money while classes are not in session. Summer internships also provide a unique opportunity for employers. They gain access to a talent pool chock full of fresh, ambitious young minds looking to make a good impression. They can use temporary summer workers to alleviate backlogs in workflow without taking on the commitment of a full-time, salaried employee. Summer internships can also give employers an opportunity to try before they buy. Many internships lead to paid positions and full-time employment after college.

    While the summer internships are often bound by different laws and separate internal policies than permanent workers, there is one thing that they should have in common: background checks. Intern Background Screening should be adopted but, many seem to abandon the process when on-boarding a seasonal employee or summer intern.  Summer interns often have the same privileges and access to company resources and technology infrastructure as permanent employees, so they should be held to the same screening standard. The contingent workforce, including summer interns, is one of the most common gaps in the background screening process.

    Why Should You Conduct an Intern Background Screening?






    Although an intern is not always going to become a permanent hire, it provides a very lucrative opportunity that benefits both the intern and the company.  The workforce benefits from the extra staffing and the intern themselves will be exposed to a real-life work setting.  Conducting Intern Background Screening will help your company in knowing that the time and resources spent on a candidate will be protecting the company, your staff and your assets. 

    As social media is a massive factor in determining one’s identity, this is also useful to recruiters and hiring managers who will have a genuine insight into the identity of the intern.  Whether conducting Intern Background Screening or any other type of screening, what is provided on a piece of paper may differ when considering an individual’s social media accounts or how they present themselves online, as social media use is becoming part of many individuals’ daily lives.

    Contact Background Check Central in Clinton Township, MI for assistance in conducting an intern background screening for your piece of mind.

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