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    International Applicant Screening

    Screening International AppicantsInternational applicant screening is vital in today’s world with workforce globalization on the rise across the United States.  Hiring an international applicant and conducting a pre-employment background check can be challenging, as it is far more difficult to get the necessary information to make the hiring decision.  The information that we gather in the United States can be far more difficult to obtain in a different country, as each country has their own laws and processes to govern what and how information can be obtained.  As this is an important factor, there are also challenges regarding language barriers, request times and most importantly what governing body should be contacted to retrieve the information you need to determine whether to move forward with a candidate.  Although more challenging, Background Check Central simplifies the process, making it more understandable to you, the client.

    There will always be challenges in international applicant screening as in some countries, verification can be extremely difficult if not impossible for human resources personnel without specialized knowledge and experience – that’s where we come in! Countries have varying procedures for verifying information; court systems and required record keeping also can differ significantly. Native searching, searching using the native language and resources, is not an insurmountable task nor is it necessarily cost prohibitive in the screening process, as we have developed international screening resources that include in-country researchers and an understanding of how records are kept.

    Global Background Screening Services on International Applicant Screening Would Include:

    Services such as those listed above can be perplexing, as each country can have different names for the records.  Outside of the United States, there is limited access to public records and different types of information needed for background screening.  In some parts of the world, where these records are not available, unless retaining a local private investigator who would have internal access to such information.  Being able to address a country’s own legal codes, their own definition of crimes and court systems is also most important when an employer would want further information regarding a specific record.

    Outcome achieved from conducting an International Applicant Screening:


    For employers seeking international employment candidates, mistakes can be costly. Hiring the wrong individual for a position can damage your reputation, harm morale and introduce unacceptable risk into your organization.

    By working with Background Check Central, you gain a reputable partner with the experience and knowledge to navigate complex background screening protocols that vary significantly among countries. To learn more about our international background screening services, please contact our office today.


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