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5 Reasons you should Always conduct Background Checks for your clients

When your staffing firm has worked so hard to establish a sterling reputation, why would you risk that good name by sending your clients applicants who haven’t’ been thoroughly vetted with a background check? Here are five important reasons you should always conduct thorough background checks for your clients, according to employment powerhouse CareerBuilder™ 1.

It keeps you out of legal trouble.

Breach of contract” and “negligent hiring lawsuit” are ugly terms, but should you place an employee who turns out to be a threat to a client or their employees, that’s exactly what you could be facing. A criminal and drug background screening will help mitigate that risk—to you and your client— by bringing to light any previous criminal behavior or substance abuse issues.

It builds your business.

According to a 2017 study by CareerBuilder™ and survey firm ClearlyRated® (formerly Inavero), staffing firm clients are more than two times as likely to pick a staffing firm based on reputation as on low price 2. You already know the value of your reputation, and the more your reputation as a quality staffing firm spreads, the more likely you are to attract new clients –and build trust and loyalty among your clients.

It protects your brand.

The employees you place in your clients’ businesses are a direct representative  of your firm’s brand. So imagine sending a candidate out on a job, only to find out later they misrepresented their skills, experience or professional history.  That not only compromises your client through no fault of their own, it reflects poorly on your entire organization and risks irreparable damage to your brand.

It gives you a competitive edge.

Offering  consistent and thorough background checks can differentiate you from staffing firms that don’t offer screening. Don’t be shy about advertising your background checks as a selling point, to help you stand out from other staffing firms.

It instills trust and deepens loyalty.

When you routinely conduct thorough background checks, your clients know they can rely on you to send them employees who are qualified and credible every time. And when your clients know you’re trustworthy, they’ll use your staffing firm again and again.

Meticulous due diligence on the applicants you send to your clients should always be Job Number One for your business. Doing so ensures not only your continued good reputation, but that of your clients. Plus, clients who know they can count on your firm to send them top-quality candidates will get the word out to other potential clients—ensuring your continued profitability as well.

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