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7 ways your Employee Screening service provider should be giving you the Competitive Edge

The staffing industry is so competitive that the best firms need whatever competitive edge they can get. And what’s more competitive than presenting the perfect candidate?

If your current employee screening firm isn’t doing these seven things, they’re not helping you get the competitive edge.

1. They give you a reliably short turnaround time…

…allowing you to place people faster and beat the competition to the punch.

2. They search the right data and verify the results…

…instead of just searching through free online records, which may not be updated—and can burn your clients, costing you the account.

3. Their services leverage technology and automation that free up time for you and your team…

…so everyone can use their time more profitably instead of spending it on the clerical aspects of employee screening.

4. Their background check request process is fast and user-friendly…

so you can make your request and then move on to doing what you do best: bringing together employers with the right candidates.

5. Their platform integrates with your applicant tracking system…

…so you enjoy a seamless and thorough background check process.

6. Their background checks are reviewed by real investigators…

…not by software, not by an administrative assistant—so you have a trained professional to speak with in case you need support or clarification.

7. They offer you the ability to custom-design your background checks…

…at competitive prices—so you’re not forced to use pre-assembled packages that have no value for your unique situation.

Don’t waste your money and risk your hard-earned reputation on inadequate background checks.

Keep your clients happy and get the competitive edge with a professional employee screening firm whose most important client is you.

Background Check Central offers professional-grade background checks by licensed private investigators at very competitive prices.

Because you create your own background check packages, you know exactly what you’ll pay in advance—no hidden fees, no monthly minimum, no extra charges. Just experienced investigators who provide you with complete pre-employment and current employee screening, ranging from a basic overview to a comprehensive background investigation, depending on your needs.

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