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The Background Check Central Team

Background Check Central team

Background Check Central is a division of Advanced Surveillance Group, licensed professional investigators. ASG has been providing pre-employment screening, tenant screening and other due diligence related background checks since 2001. During that time we have seen the evolution of the FCRA, the increases in regulation of CRAs and the rise of social media in employee screening. Simultaneously we have witnessed the rampant growth in the number of “screening” providers in the instant category who sell strong disclaimers but not reliable information. During that time, we have grown organically, serving those clients who care about accuracy and completeness and not just speed and price. As licensed professional investigators we are uniquely positioned to conduct real searches with the actual source of records, not just what’s available for free on the internet. We married our expertise with something else very unique in the industry: customer service. We actually like to talk to our clients. We welcome calls and take good care to make our clients look good.

We hope that you will explore the benefits of partnering with us for your employee and tenant screening needs.


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