Current Employee Background Check Surprises

Current Employee Background Check Surprises. Recently many companies have been reevaluating their current employees and decided to conduct wider background checks on these individuals.

In one case the California Board of Registered Nursing decided to conduct a more strict background check on employees hired over ten years ago to coincide with current background regulations. What they found as a result shocked many people, to say the least. Some of the nurses currently employed in California were found to have an arrest record which included many misdemeanor offenses. The most shocking of all came when at least 65 major crimes were located including convictions of murder, sex offenses, assault and robbery.

While new searches and advances come out every day, making background checks more comprehensive, large felonious crimes should have not be missed even seven years ago. Based on these studies we have found that not only is it important to screen new candidates but perhaps those who were hired when background screening was not used or as far advanced as it is now. All of this helps to reduce current employee background check surprises.