Hiring a Pedophile

Hiring a Pedophile. New advances in computer forensics and special designated tasks forces have been able to crack down on child pornography cases. In the recent months/year more and more of these cases have come to light and it is getting harder for these types of criminals to hide. With an appropriate background investigation these individuals can be avoided in your hiring process.

Hiring a pedophile could be disastrous to your company and can cause irreparable damages. In one recent case, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents arrested a man who reportedly had explicit images of young boys engaging in sexual activity on his home computer. This individual had been employed with a local YMCA for months prior to this arrest and in direct unsupervised contact with children. It is not know yet if this individual has had prior criminal convictions but it is certain now that any future employers should catch this record.

Many times after cases like this the offenders attempt to move away from their issues and find employment in other states/counties. This is why it is important to have an actual individual search for records instead of a data source provider searching in the applicant’s most recent area of residence. When screening prospective employees it is important to search for records in the area that the applicant has resided the longest and pay attention to multiple associated residences and recent moves.