Background Checks on Subcontractors: Do You Run Them?

“A contract driver for Metro’s transit service for the elderly and disabled was arrested Thursday and charged with sexually assaulting a female bus customer in January in Prince George’s County, about two months after another driver was fired after a similar offense was reported, Metro Transit Police said Friday.”
Ann Scott Tyson ~ Washington Post
July 13, 2010

With companies taking a proactive approach to reducing their overall costs many are turning to subcontractors to fill these vacated roles. Subcontracting work is nothing new, but a new set of challenges comes along with it. Not only do these workers often have access to sensitive company assets but they also represent your company in the public’s eye.

The above cited news article should act as a precaution for all business owners employing subcontractors. This transit company employs 40 percent of their workforce as subcontractors. A background screening system is in place with this company at it may have saved them from the public outcry as well as millions of dollars. To see the full article, click here.

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