Illinois Governor Signs Law Ending Pre-Employment Credit Checks

Pre-employment credit checks for hiring employees can be an important tool to determine if someone is a suitable applicant for an important job. With many employers turning to pre-employment screening as a valuable tool to learn just a little bit more about those whom they are looking to hire more restrictions seem to be being placed on these procedures. As of August 10, 2010 Illinois has ended credit checks for pre-employment screening.
“Governor Pat Quinn today signed a bill into law that prohibits Illinois employers from discriminating based on a job seeker or employee’s credit history. The new law will remove a significant barrier to employment for the growing segment of the population whose credit history has been affected by the historic national recession.”

“Pre-employment credit screenings are on the rise throughout the nation. The Society for Human Resources Management recently found that 60 percent of employers run a credit check on at least some applicants. That is an increase from the 42 percent in 2006 and 25 percent in 1998.”

Illinois Government News Network

August 10, 2010

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