How Do You Know When Job Applicants Are Lying?

Back to Basics with Pre-Employment Screening

How Do You Know When Job Applicants Are Lying? ” We all know that job candidates embellish, enhance, exaggerate – call it what you will – to make their CV and of course themselves, more appealing to hiring managers. There has been a great deal of research into the extent of lying in CVs. Figures run between 53% and 68% with college graduates being the worst at 70%. Many of these “little white lies” were caught by managers, and providing the employee wasn’t a complete disaster on the job, nobody was the wiser.

But, in these tougher times, competition in the job market has driven many candidates to desperate measures. Little white lies have now turned into works of total fiction. Enter Here is an outfit that will create a complete work history for a job candidate. From their side, they create a “real” company with address, website and free phone number, and “real” mangers and referees. So when an employee calls to verify work history and performance, all checks out and the feedback is glowing! Blown away? It seems unbelievable, but true, try it yourself.”
Rob McKay

September 10, 2010

We all understand that people wishing to be hired for a job are tempted to over exaggerate on their CV’s but is there a way to sift through this information and get a true understanding of the candidate?

With more and more of these companies popping up and offering fraudulent information it is necessary for proper pre-employment screening to be able to decipher between real and fake.  Our pre-employment screeners have the ability to check business listings for such companies and give you the peace of mind when hiring a new employee.

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