More People than Ever Conducting Background Checks in US

More People than Ever Conducting Background Checks in US. “More employers are conducting background checks before hiring during the employment process. A report of a survey of 606 individuals from United States organizations conducted in May 2010, and released by EmployeeScreenIQ, found that 70% of respondents perform background checks for more than 80% of their hires.”

September 29, 2010

Now that background investigations are becoming more and more common in the pre-employment arena, it is important that you understand what you can legally search for.  Records like county criminal searches or employment verifications can be no-brainer decisions.  Should you conduct a credit check?  Is it legal?  These are questions that the investigators at Advanced Surveillance Group know the answer to.  At the end of the day it is your company’s name; that is on the line and wouldn’t you want to be safe in your decisions?

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