Would your company pass an I-9 Audit?

Would your company pass an I-9 Audit? Do you even know what an I-9 audit is?

Many states are initializing legislature to make the consequences for hiring illegal immigrants more severe.  States like Arizona seem to be getting all of the headlines for their work to reduce the amount of employers hiring illegal immigrants but other states seem to actually be making a difference. The I-9 Audit is quick to follow.

” Only three businesses – all in the Phoenix area – have been prosecuted in the nearly three years since Arizona’s highly publicized employer-sanctions law took effect.

By contrast, South Carolina has cited more than 200 businesses for being out of compliance since that state’s employer-sanctions law went into effect in 2009. South Carolina officials say that their efforts have paid off with far fewer illegal hires.”

D. Brian Blackwell

November 1, 2010

It is vital to your business’s future that you understand those laws that are in place, in your state, that dictate the mandatory hiring practices that are in place.  We understand that some business do not have a human resources department and often times the owner wears many “hats”.  We also understand that larger companies may need an outside firm to manage the pre-employment screening processes to avoid oversight.

For more details on the acceptable practices in your state or to discuss pre-employment screening options with one of our highly trained associates feel free to contact us at 855-678-8282.