News for Employers Regarding the Citizenship of Job Candidates

News for Employers Regarding the Citizenship of Job Candidates. Effective March 18, 2011, a new system called “E-Verify Self Check System” will become available to job candidates wishing to check their authorization status prior to applying for jobs.  These candidates will now be able to identify errors in the system that was previously only available to employers.  At first this service will only be offered to those candidates with addresses in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi and Virginia but will soon expand to include all states.

The following was taken directly from the USCIS presentation on E-Verify Self Check which impacts all employers:

Can I use Self Check to verify someone else’s eligibility for employment?

No.  Self Check is intended only for users to verify their own employment eligibility.  Forcing, or encouraging candidates to use this service will result in a violation of the anti-discrimination and other immigration and employment laws.
March 10, 2011