Background Checks on Subcontractors Revisited

Background Check’s on Subcontractor’s Subcontractors

Background Checks on Subcontractors Revisited. A few months ago we drew attention to the importance of screening not only full-time employees but also your company’s subcontractors.  A Story from Mississippi shows the importance of not only having a policy in place for your subcontractors but also verifying that the subcontractors have a policy for those they contract work out to.

A 37-year-old man who worked as a janitor at Southaven Elementary has been arrested and charged with sexual battery.  Quincy Latimore was arrested by Southaven police Saturday for the alleged incident that occurred at a home on Tchulahoma in February involving a teenage girl who was under 16 at the time. The alleged victim is a teenage relative.”

Latimer worked at Southaven Elementary School for 21/2 weeks as an after-hours janitor. He was employed by GBS Cleaning, a subcontractor with the DeSoto County Schools.  Eddie Gossett, owner of GBS Cleaning, said he hired Latimore based on a recommendation from the WIN Job Center in Southaven. He said Latimore no longer works for his company.”

“One of the questions I asked the WIN Job Center when I hired this employee was did he pass a background check, and the answer was ‘yes,'” Gossett said.
Yolanda Jones

December 15, 2010

This story should act as a warning for those employers that simply accept the word of a subcontracting firm when they say that they complete a background investigation on their employees.  If you feel that the subcontractors your company employs may not be facing a comprehensive background investigation feel free to contact our highly trained staff in order to evaluate not only your procedures but those of your subcontractors.

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