Your Obligation in Conducting Employment Background Checks

Your background check obligation: For most employers, hiring is a necessary evil. It takes up a great deal of time, drains the energy of the human resources staff and if done incorrectly results in even great strain on the organization and financial loss. What we in HR often forget is that the applicant too has a great deal at stake. Many have dreams and hopes of gaining employment with our organization. They expend money and energy in the process and unlike from our perspective, the process is not “just business”, its very personal. Employment background checks are only element of this process, but when an applicant fills out that authorization for employment background check form, they usually expect that the results will be positive and certainly not an obstacle to gaining employment with you. In comes your obligation.

When selecting an employment background check provider, cost and speed are usually the drivers in selecting a vendor. Guess what? The zillion companies that occupy that market space have figured that out too. The result is a group so desperate to cut costs and to offer you instant reporting have decided that accuracy, verification and an ethical (as well as legal) obligation to ensure that the information they provide is from the best source available has gone out the window. When the background check comes back with false positive or false negative results, someone loses and maybe in a big way. Your background check obligation is real, so its best to do things right the first time. In short, buyer beware. When you pick the super instant discount online employment background check provider, you are ignoring your obligation to those applicants, your employer and your community. Meeting your background check obligation can still be made easy and greatly reduce your risk exposure.