Background Checks for Staffing Agencies – Are they Important?

Background checks for staffing agencies are an important aspect of the workforce. In cities like Detroit, many companies rely on staffing agencies to fill temporary, long term, and contract positions. While some may see these positions as being not important to screen candidates for, the truth is quite the opposite. In any employment situation, hiring an employee with nefarious motivations, a violent criminal background, or even something like careless driving charges can become a liability companies simply aren’t willing to deal with. With the number of staffing agencies out there, a company can switch from one to another in a heartbeat—this makes the quality of the candidates put forward to companies even more imperative.

For these reasons, background checks for staffing agencies should be seen as something that are a necessity. As with any company looking to hire an employee, it would be considered ridiculous to not put them through some sort of background check before extending a final job offer. Often times, staffing agencies can be considered “on the hook” for the employees they staff into a company and of course, no one want to deal with the complications of a hire that didn’t work out or became a liability.

How do I know what background check company to choose?

We know what you’re thinking. It’s just another sales-centered blog post where the writer begs and pleads for you to hire the company they represent. Here at BCGG, we take pride in the work we do for our customers and appreciate word of mouth referrals—this post is simply meant to caution readers, particularly those representing staffing agencies, about the dangers of those “$19.99 Background Check Special” websites.

We’ve all found them on the internet when looking up someone we are curious about. Whether it’s a prospective romantic partner, a questionable neighbor, or even a friend of a friend that simply gives you a bad feeling, these websites can compile data about someone that just barely scrapes the surface of what’s actually out there. We get it—it’s all about ease of access, convenience, and simplicity behind the platform. It’s always important to remember that the shortest path to your goal is not always the best; cutting corners can come back to bite you in the end.

What’s the difference between a company like BGCC and those other sites?

We like to think of it this way; would you rather have an automatic report created with the bare-minimum, or something more like an actual investigation? Some may not know the difference, but we take pride here in our staff of trained and experienced investigators who search tirelessly for that one missing piece. For instance, if a staffing agency is looking to hire someone in Georgia based off the fact that the job is in the Atlanta area, these online searches will complete searches in Georgia based off of the fact that the position will be held there. Little does this site know that this individual also lived in Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida, and Mississippi. A simple, automatically generated report may not catch criminal records in these other states—making your staffing agency background check not fully comprehensive.

Experience is what drives us to ask the question “why” in all investigations. If we see something that doesn’t quite make sense, we believe there is always an answer. It may seem second nature to search in all areas that a person has lived in the past, but for many, the cheapest and easiest way to cover your bases in any hiring situation is the main goal. Due diligence is a step we take in all investigations, so make sure there is always a “personal” or human-centered aspect to your staffing agency background check over an automated search.

What else should be included in these comprehensive background checks for staffing agencies?

A full-service investigation firm should be able to cover all your bases when it comes to crafting the perfect background check for your staffing agency. At BGCC, we don’t just offer one package at a discounted price for all—you can actually choose what options you think are necessary when it comes to your background check. In addition, we offer services like drug testing for applicants that would not be an option with an animated background screening.

Keep in mind that an extensive background check is not always something that is totally necessary for a staffing agency background check. If a company requires a background screening periodically or is only interested in seeing if anything “new” has occurred since the last background check, we can customize this for you as well. Those automated services only offer one type of report for a flat fee, marked up 100% for the most of the company’s profits.

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to contact a professional investigator or a company that’s not part of a major service for your staffing agency’s background checks. It’s always important to explore all options when it comes to cost and ease of use/access, so it shouldn’t be considered a “bad” thing.