When Statewide Criminal Searches Come With Incomplete Data

For the most part, pre-employment background checks have a criminal search component.  Almost every employer is interested in seeing whether an applicant has a criminal history they should be aware of.  Depending on the state, we can either conduct a statewide criminal search or a county criminal records search. For the purpose of this topic, we will be discussing the incomplete data that comes with conducting the statewide criminal records search.

For instance, in Michigan we can conduct the ICHAT which is a name-based Michigan criminal history check. This search returns any arrest records the individual may have. However, when running this search we have noticed that sometimes it returns an arrest segment but it won’t provide us with the disposition of said arrest. In this case, we then make contact with the applicable courts to determine what the outcome was.  It’s important to understand that the circuit or district courts don’t always report their dispositions to the state police therefore this information is lacking when conducting the statewide criminal search.

When Statewide Criminal Searches Come With Incomplete Data

Tennessee is another state which does not report the dispositions on their statewide criminal search known as the ‘Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’. The same rules as above apply when we get arrest results in Tennessee. It’s very important to have investigators conduct your background checks, especially when it pertains to an individuals’ criminal history. It’s imperative for us to determine the dispositions for the incomplete criminal data otherwise we would be providing our clients incomplete background checks.

We recommend to not only conduct a statewide criminal search but also run a county criminal record search. As previously stated, information isn’t always communicated throughout the different agencies and you do not want to miss out on pertinent material because of this. Plus, additional criminal records may be available with the county court that you would be interested in knowing about. 

As you can see, we may be faced with obstacles when conducting criminal records search.  But none of which hinder us from obtaining the information we need. It’s simply doing a little bit more work so that we can provide you with accurate information.  We understand the importance of hiring qualified candidates and that’s why we do not leave any stones unturned.  This is what differentiates us from any other background check company.