Top 6 Reasons to Do an Annual Background Check

Reasons to Do an Annual Background Check

Doing an annual background check during the hiring process is important. Doing annual background checks is just as critical. Checking up on your employees and partners ensures that you have aligned yourself with trustworthy people – unless the facts prove otherwise, and then you have some decisions to make. It’s essential that every background check be thorough, and detailed information will only come from the efforts of a private investigator. What will you find in subsequent background checks that you didn’t find the first time around? You might be surprised.

Annual Background Check

Maintain Security

An employee may have fun afoul of the law while in your employ. To you, that information may have been reported as sick days or vacation days and you would never be the wiser without a background check. While what happens in an employee’s personal life is their business, those circumstances can easily bleed into work life, especially if they have concealed an arrest for substance abuse, fraud, or domestic violence.

Safeguard Your Brand

When an employee chooses to engage in criminal activity, whether it is work-related or not, a public reveal of their behavior could permanently tarnish your company’s reputation. It’s better for you to uncover the truth first and handle the situation before any undesirable situations can tamper with your brand.

Keep Accurate Records

Background checks only report information about an employee’s past. Any information regarding new records will only be reported to an employer if requested – and that only happens through an annual background check.

Protect Customers

There are certain jobs where annual background checks are of great importance, particularly if you hire employees who work with the public, visit client locations or private homes, work with finances, work with vulnerable individuals like children or the elderly, or who drive as part of their job. You need to know that the people you’re sending out there to represent your company are dependable and ethical.

Keep Employees Safe

You want your employees to feel comfortable and safe with each other. Annual background checks foster this kind of supportive environment and boost company morale by ensuring every worker that their colleagues have been cleared for continued employment. Minimizing the chance of bad behavior between employees also reduces the chance of lawsuits for negligent hiring or failure to provide a safe workplace.

Annual Background Check

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Annual background checks are one of those duties that cements you as a reliable company, but this act also provides great peace of mind across the board. You can breathe easy knowing that the people you have hired for your company continue to check out and maintain an honest lifestyle that aligns with your organization’s values.

Get an Annual Background Check for all employees from ASG

Just because an employee is on the up-and-up when you hire them, that doesn’t mean their intentions remain pure throughout their employment. Don’t wait for trouble to show up – ward it off at the pass. A background check can tell you what you need to know about an employee that you may have missed when they first joined the team. Contact ASG to conduct a confidential background check on one or multiple employees.