Background Checks for Home Health Workers

Why is this time critical for background checks on home health workers?

At this critical time in health and medicine, the need for in home health care workers is on the rise. Meaning the current need for background checks on home health workers is also on the rise. The current “stay home” initiative that is sweeping across the nation is resulting in a growing amount of healthcare workers making home visits and conducting either short-term or long-term care for chronic illnesses in the home. Although it may seem as if snagging any available medical professional to come into your home is your only option right now, we are here to tell you that it is not advisable to risk you or your loved ones care for convenience.

At this time, there is a fear that the process of background checks will take a little more time than usual. We are aware of this and want to ensure that all background work for these particular cases, are turned around in the most efficient timeframe possible. Keep in mind that in Michigan, it is only necessary for a background check to be ran on a medical license applicant upon issuance of that license. Medical doctors are basically responsible for their own moral compass after they are given a license to practice. But this does not exempt them from undergoing private background checks, along with all other in-home health care workers.

Not only can our company do a basic background checks including items such as Michigan medical licensing, education verification, years of experience, former or current litigation, criminal history and medical negligence, but we can also do a deep dive into a person’s internet profiling. This includes social media and any other internet references that are currently available. A background check can be 100% tailored to your needs, and will include all of the necessary federal, state and local requirements for in home health care workers.

We are currently facing a healthcare crisis that none of us could have predicted. Taking extra precautions to ensure that you are not rushing into a professional relationship with someone that is taking advantage of the current pandemic, is pertinent. Please, stay safe and healthy!

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