Seasonal Worker Background Checks

The holidays are a time of year where emotions run high and the best of behavior is expected of everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to live up to those jolly expectations. With many seasonal roles needing to be filled (for example hired Santas, house sitters, pet sitters, etc.), there’s never been a more important time for seasonal worker background checks.

Every holiday season we hear the horror stories about hired hands gone wrong. The house sitters that let their friends rob the home, the Santa Claus that ends up being an unregistered sex offender or the seasonal workers that end up skimming off the extra profits made that season. Many of these situations can be avoided before they take place with a proper seasonal worker background checks. When hiring for short term positions, it may seem like background checks are unnecessary, but this could not be further from the truth. Finding a reliable employee or volunteer, can translate to that person working for you for years to come, and you are able to give reliable recommendations to others looking for the same service.

Some of  the areas that can be investigated during seasonal worker background checks for these particular type of candidates include:

seasonal worker background check

Be aware, that if your candidates do not agree to a background check, that they are probably not the employee for you. It is also not too late to run a seasonal worker background check if you have already hired the person in the past.  It may be tempting to take a person’s resume at face value, but in the end all that is, is a piece of paper with what they want you to know – not necessarily what you should know.  Give yourself some peace of mind this holiday season and get the real scoop.