Employee Screening for HR Made Simple

In today’s environment, employee screening for HR professionals can be simple, efficient and effective.

The key is to work with the right employee screening agency and get to truly understand what they provide so you and your company actually benefit from the outcome. A great way to start is to understand how the employee screening process currently works.

Employee Screening for HR Professionals

How It Works:

  • Employee screening for HR requires you to pick which types of information you want to use in your screening process. Care should be taken to treat each classification of employee the same. You can have different levels of screening for different types of employees, usually predicated on the risk and or responsibility that position holds. Your vendor should be able to help you with the cost benefit analysis of each search and be able to articulate its limitations and any alternative sources.
  • Understand what each search means and what it’s limitations are. For instance, many employee screening firms offer “instant” searches and or “nationwide” searches. Well, there is no official nationwide criminal search in existence. Some employee screening firms have created their own, but that is simply a name they have applied to a search they created. It may imply, by its name, that it is can find all criminal records, but if you read the fine print, it does not. It may be a good search, but it will have more holes it that a piece of swiss cheese. An applicant could easily have criminal records in one or more of the many places that are not available to search electronically. Keep in mind that the U.S. has over three thousand counties and over nineteen thousand cities in it! Each of them has their own records.
  • Leverage technology. Employee screening for HR should be very simple and take very little of your time. Any employee screening provider worth working with has apps and automated tools to eliminate the busy work associated with this process. After setting up an account and walking through the basics, the rest is as simple as sending a link to your applicants and simply sit back and wait for the results in your inbox.
  • Be consistent. In your decision making and in how you treat similar workers. So if you are hiring someone for an administrative position, you should screen them the exact same way that you screen any other / future applicant for that same type of job. You can and should have different types of screening for other types of employees like a financial executive, but again, conduct the same types of screening for all applicants for a financial executive position.
  • Enjoy using a turn-key service, but don’t forget your (the employers) responsibilities. Yes, your employee screening services provider is here to help make life easy for you, but remember that these are your applicants and hiring decisions. Make sure that you review and understand your obligations. Its not difficult, but is important.

About Background Check Central: Background Check Central is a specialized agency providing employee screening for HR leaders working at small and mid-sized employers who are seeking real, accurate and complete employee screening solutions rather than cheap, incomplete, check-the-box screening. Not only do we understand where real background check information comes from, we also have a state of the art technology platform to make our clients (and their employee’s) experience quick, simple and effortless. Our team is excited to talk with you – 855-678-8282.