Many states have a database of statewide criminal background check records that are limited to conviction searches, oftentimes these databases only contain certain types of background check records like convictions, some are only felonies while others may contain both felonies and misdemeanors. These databases may also be limited to certain time periods. There are a … Read more

As an employer, it’s important that the information you receive is reliable. In this video, Dan Klimek of Background Check Central talks about where the information for criminal background checks comes from. This information varies from state to state. While many states many have one inclusive system, there are others that are county based. Using … Read more

Every day we get people who call that want to get background checks done for employment, tenant, volunteer, etc. Some people ask me what is the different between you and the quick online instant checks that I see advertised. There is one more thing I do tell them, that here at Background Check Central, we … Read more

We all know that trying to be with our children or loved ones 24/7 is extremely difficult. Whether you are looking to hire a nanny for while you are at work or to help around the house, a caregiver to make sure that your loved one is well taken care of when you aren’t there … Read more

Running a credit check on an applicant is very important, especially if they are going to go into a field that is for accounting, finance, banking, etc. You want someone that is going to be handling money to make sure that they can handle their own, as well. Here at Background Check Central, we can … Read more

As more background check companies are formed, people have concerns on whether these companies are going to be the best fit for them with what they are looking for. Some of the questions I get asked when talking to new clients is how accurate are you? How quickly can I get a report back? And … Read more

Tenants can create physical and financial damage, which is why it is so important to conduct tenant screening on potential renters. The hassle of having a tenant go bad and stiff you several months rent, or even worse, destroy your property is real to anyone who rents property. A proper landlord tenant screening to weed … Read more

Often times thought of as being some of the most trusted employees, each police officer or firefighter must go through a thorough background investigation, often times more in-depth than just about any other type of employee. When it comes to this, a normal background check company that relies only on data to get the job … Read more

We often receive questions from clients as to whether we have service packages they can pick from. We are not an online database company, we are real people and investigators looking up searches and providing you with the information you need to make a good decision. We know that each investigation is unique, so rather … Read more

Pre-Employment Screening background checks have different regulations. One of the questions our clients often have is what exactly is the difference between an arrest and a conviction, and what can be reported during employment checks. An arrest is what takes place before being charged with a crime. You can be arrested for a crime, but … Read more