Annual Background Checks Are a Must!

Employee Background Checks Are Not A One-N-Done. Annual Background Checks Are A Must! As employee background checks continue to evolve and become more useful, many employers remain stuck using the old narrative that, if the original employee background check that is conducted at the time of hire is good, the employee is approved forever. But … Read more

Gaps to Look for in Pre-Employment Background Checks

Understanding the legality of pre-employment background checks is not something every Human Resources Manager or company owner knows about.  That is why it is imperative that you employ a background screening company that knows the ins and outs of how to effectively protect you from bad hires.  Understanding what information you will receive, and what … Read more

A Lesson on Michigan Background Check for Charity Recipient

Murderer Given New Roof by Local Charity When a headline reads something like “Convicted Murderer Given Free Roof” or a feel-good charity story turns ugly because of the recipient’s past; the intention of doing a good thing for someone deserving is lost, and the charity is often made to look bad as a result. … Read more

Michigan Landlords to Collect Extra Cash, Potentially to Cover Background Checks

Source: June 7, 2018, Michigan Representative Peter Lucido of Shelby Township introduced House Bill 6126, which expands the total dollar figure landlords can collect as a security deposit from 1.5 months rent to 2 months rent plus $100.00.  Given that the average tenant background check costs around $85.00, this addition should adequately cover the … Read more

Detroit Lions Coach, Matt Patricia’s Background Check Blunder Highlights the Reality That Too Many Businesses Use the Wrong Background Screening Vendor

  When the Lion’s team President, Rod Wood, was contacted by the Detroit News to provide comment about coach Matt Patricia’s background, this should not have been how he learned of Patricia’s arrest for aggravated assault in 1996. When the Detroit News broke the story on Wednesday, it opened up a firestorm of controversy and concern. … Read more

Top 4 Employee Background Check Practices

Identify Why Your Organization Should Background Check Applicants This is probably the easiest and most obvious question an employer can ask themselves.  If you are reading this, you are likely considering screening your applicants at a certain stage in the hiring process.  Every company goes through this at some point, no matter how large or … Read more

Nationwide Criminal Databases – What are you Really Getting?

By: Jackie Brazen Nationwide Criminal Databases sound like the perfect way to search for criminal records on someone during their background check.  What an amazing concept, and so easy right?  Well, not exactly.  Normally, this isn’t even close to what you actually get.  The expectation is that every state, county and city is being searched … Read more

Criminal History Background Check Records Search

Many states have a database of statewide criminal background check records that are limited to conviction searches, oftentimes these databases only contain certain types of background check records like convictions, some are only felonies while others may contain both felonies and misdemeanors. These databases may also be limited to certain time periods. There are a … Read more

Criminal Background Checks Verification of Data

As an employer, it’s important that the information you receive is reliable. In this video, Dan Klimek of Background Check Central talks about where the information for criminal background checks comes from. This information varies from state to state. While many states many have one inclusive system, there are others that are county based. Using … Read more

Quick Background Checks can Sacrifice Accuracy

Everyone wants quick background checks and accurate results, but the two don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. By Jackie Brazen When clients and potential clients call us up asking for a background check to be conducted on an employee or several employees, one of the first questions they ask is “how quick is your turn around time”?  Everybody … Read more