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Background Check Central Video Blog

Many states have a database of statewide criminal background check records that are limited to conviction searches, oftentimes these databases only contain certain types of background check records like convictions, some are only felonies while others may contain both felonies and misdemeanors. These databases may also be limited to certain time periods. There are a number of states that do not maintain a state level system, but a county level system instead. Checking these systems can be more time consuming and more costly, but they generally provide better and more reliable information. This is especially important for employers who are running pre-employment screenings and background checks.

Knowing the difference between criminal background check records that are limited to criminal convictions, and often time just to felony criminal convictions from a limited number of counties, when compared to a complete search of all criminal background check records available is the difference between hiring or engaging with dangerous or actually having the peace of mind that cleared them appropriately.

Important: Please understand that there are many websites offering "Instant Nationwide Background Check Records" access. The truth is, they are selling you only the limited free criminal records that are available for their software to scrape the data from. They have a disclaimer on their site and in their acceptance policy that basically hides that fact that they are giving you far less than a "Nationwide" search. In case you were wondering, yes that is legal to do. Also, these instant software based searches regularly deliver inaccurate information, particularly when you are searching for records on someone with a common name. The bottom line is that you cannot rely on what they deliver. If they give you an all clear report, you cannot safely rely on it.

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As an employer, it’s important that the information you receive is reliable. In this video, Dan Klimek of Background Check Central talks about where the information for criminal background checks comes from. This information varies from state to state. While many states many have one inclusive system, there are others that are county based. Using a county-based system to verify a criminal record is often more expensive but provides the best results for employers.

5 months

Every day we get people who call that want to get background checks done for employment, tenant, volunteer, etc. Some people ask me what is the different between you and the quick online instant checks that I see advertised. There is one more thing I do tell them, that here at Background Check Central, we are licensed private investigators. The searches that we run on your applicant(s) we are knowledgeable in the information we receive and we know what to search for. We conduct the searches ourselves in office and make sure the information that is given to you is accurate. If we are missing information or need to verify more information with the courts, we will contact the courts to exhaust all efforts to get that information.

When it comes to the online instant check databases, they are finding anything that is online and open to the public, which not everything is. They are instant because they have all the databases built into one and go through that information only. Searches that they databases look through are department of corrections, incarcerations, then even buy police records but they aren’t up to date. With individuals that have common names, you can receive information back on a person with the same name as your applicant but isn’t your applicant. They could have the same name but different date of birth or not even be in the same state as your applicant. The databases will generate the information that is found without verifying the information before sent to you. As licensed private investigators, we will make sure that the information you receive is on the right applicant.

For a complete list of the services we offer or if you have general questions about this type of screening, please contact us at 855-678-8282.

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We all know that trying to be with our children or loved ones 24/7 is extremely difficult. Whether you are looking to hire a nanny for while you are at work or to help around the house, a caregiver to make sure that your loved one is well taken care of when you aren’t there or even a babysitter when you want to have a night out or date night. You want to make sure that the person(s) that are coming into your home or a loved one’s home doesn’t have any major criminal records, bad references and is going to treat that special person the same way that you would.

Here at Background Check Central, this is something we specialize in. We can make sure that the applicant doesn’t have any criminal records, lawsuits against them for anything, bad references from previous nanny, caregiver jobs, etc. We will make sure that you are comfortable with leaving the home and knowing that your family is safe.

Nanny, Caregiver and Babysitter screening is not the only thing we do. For a complete list of the services we offer or if you have general questions about this type of screening, please contact us at 855-678-8282.

1 year

Running a credit check on an applicant is very important, especially if they are going to go into a field that is for accounting, finance, banking, etc. You want someone that is going to be handling money to make sure that they can handle their own, as well.

Here at Background Check Central, we can run an applicant’s credit report, we can get anywhere from what they have open, what exactly it is that they have open whether it is a mortgage, car payment, education loans, etc. It can let us know how much they have open, minimum payments, and how much is still left to pay off. It shows if the individual has ever been late on a payment, how long and how many times they were late. It tells us whether the individual is in good standing with that account, paid off, or even in collections. The only thing we can’t show you is the individual’s credit score for employment purposes.

For a complete list of the services we offer or if you have general questions, please contact us at 855-678-8282.

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As more background check companies are formed, people have concerns on whether these companies are going to be the best fit for them with what they are looking for. Some of the questions I get asked when talking to new clients is how accurate are you? How quickly can I get a report back? And one of the most important question, how much is this going to cost?

Regarding accuracy, here at Background Check Central we make sure that we are giving you the most up to date and accurate information that is out there. We are not an online database, we are real people, we are also licensed private investigators, who are conducting the searches ourselves. If the record is incomplete, then we will do our best to get more information by calling the courts and getting everything they have on the file. Being licensed private investigators we know the information that is being given to you and can explain to you so you better understand it.

Our clients want to get the applicant they run background checks on in the door and starting work usually very quickly. The timing on when we can get a report back to someone is a big concern. As it usually depends on the searches we are conducting but a typical background check can be completed in 24-48 hours after we receive all the information needed. There are searches that can take a couple extra days that include employment verification, education verification, and reference interviews. Sometimes trying to find more information into a court record can take time, as well. We always keep you up to date on what is going on.

The third and probably one of the most important concerns is the cost. We try to keep the cost down for all our clients as best as possible. We may be higher than some companies but we are not only giving you the best quality but you are having licensed private investigators conduct your searches for you. We are not an online database company, we are real people looking up the searches and information for you. We can put together packages that you will know the cost for each applicant every time you run one.

For a complete list of the services we offer or if you have general questions, please contact us at 855-678-8282.

1 year

Tenants can create physical and financial damage, which is why it is so important to conduct tenant screening on potential renters. The hassle of having a tenant go bad and stiff you several months rent, or even worse, destroy your property is real to anyone who rents property. A proper landlord tenant screening to weed out potential problems can save you time, energy and money in the long run. Our services are completely customizable and can fit just about any budget. Just meeting a potential renter and going by your gut that they are a good person isn’t enough, but knowing as much as possible about their background before making the decision to rent to them will give you some piece of mind knowing that the proper due diligence was done.

1 year

Often times thought of as being some of the most trusted employees, each police officer or firefighter must go through a thorough background investigation, often times more in-depth than just about any other type of employee. When it comes to this, a normal background check company that relies only on data to get the job done isn’t enough. Background Check Central combines the best of both worlds; the best data and records searches, conducted by trained professional investigators and the ability to conduct field canvasses for character information about each applicant. These types of field interviews are standard for police and firefighters and having the experience and know-how to gain honest and relevant information about the attitudes people hold towards an applicant can be some of the best information for which a municipality can make a hiring decision.

1 year

We often receive questions from clients as to whether we have service packages they can pick from. We are not an online database company, we are real people and investigators looking up searches and providing you with the information you need to make a good decision. We know that each investigation is unique, so rather than offering and having you pay for services you don’t need, we are happy to put together a package specific for your company or your applicant.

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Pre-Employment Screening background checks have different regulations. One of the questions our clients often have is what exactly is the difference between an arrest and a conviction, and what can be reported during employment checks. An arrest is what takes place before being charged with a crime. You can be arrested for a crime, but charges can be dismissed and you can be released. If the charges are not dropped, you will be required to go to court, where you may be convicted on the charge that you were arrested for. When you are convicted, you may be forced to pay a fine, or serve time in jail or prison. In many situations, you can expect both. When reporting for employment purposes, the FCRA regulates that we can only report convictions.

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