How Do You Know When Job Applicants Are Lying?

Back to Basics with Pre-Employment Screening How Do You Know When Job Applicants Are Lying? ” We all know that job candidates embellish, enhance, exaggerate – call it what you will – to make their CV and of course themselves, more appealing to hiring managers. There has been a great deal of research into the … Read more

Illinois Governor Signs Law Ending Pre-Employment Credit Checks

Pre-employment credit checks for hiring employees can be an important tool to determine if someone is a suitable applicant for an important job. With many employers turning to pre-employment screening as a valuable tool to learn just a little bit more about those whom they are looking to hire more restrictions seem to be being … Read more

Background Checks on Subcontractors: Do You Run Them?

“A contract driver for Metro’s transit service for the elderly and disabled was arrested Thursday and charged with sexually assaulting a female bus customer in January in Prince George’s County, about two months after another driver was fired after a similar offense was reported, Metro Transit Police said Friday.” Ann Scott Tyson ~ Washington Post … Read more

Overlooking Criminal History

Overlooking criminal history is asking for trouble when hiring. In the beginning processes of hiring a new employee, companies base their applicant pool on certain credentials such as experience, education and personality. These are the core principals that are important in candidates however they are not the only thing that are needed to be considered. … Read more

Hiring a Pedophile

Hiring a Pedophile. New advances in computer forensics and special designated tasks forces have been able to crack down on child pornography cases. In the recent months/year more and more of these cases have come to light and it is getting harder for these types of criminals to hide. With an appropriate background investigation these … Read more

Current Employee Background Check Surprises

Current Employee Background Check Surprises. Recently many companies have been reevaluating their current employees and decided to conduct wider background checks on these individuals. In one case the California Board of Registered Nursing decided to conduct a more strict background check on employees hired over ten years ago to coincide with current background regulations. What … Read more

Recession Causing Employees to Lie on Resumes

Recession Causing Employees to Lie on Resumes. If you are one of the fortunate companies who are hiring new employees at this time, now is better then ever to make sure your applicants are who they say they are.  As most people are aware, the recession has had an impact on many different areas of … Read more

Employees and Criminal Records

Employees and criminal records. We often get asked “what kind of things do you find when conducting pre-employment screening?” This is usually followed up by “how many of the employees that you screen actually have criminal records?” Simply put, most employees and potential hires are not criminals and usually the amount of criminal records we … Read more

Criminal Babysitters

Criminal babysitters are out there! After years of telling children, “Don’t talk to strangers” we all too often essentially invite “strangers” into our homes to watch our children without really finding out who they are.  With horrifying headlines like, “Babysitter Convicted of Child Abuse”, “Babysitter Molested Child in Park”, “Babysitter Convicted of Murdering Child” and … Read more

A Background Check on Santa

How can you be certain that the man your children are sitting on isn’t a criminal, or worse, a violent child predator?