Recession Causing Employees to Lie on Resumes

Recession Causing Employees to Lie on Resumes. If you are one of the fortunate companies who are hiring new employees at this time, now is better then ever to make sure your applicants are who they say they are.  As most people are aware, the recession has had an impact on many different areas of … Read more

Employees and Criminal Records

Employees and criminal records. We often get asked “what kind of things do you find when conducting pre-employment screening?” This is usually followed up by “how many of the employees that you screen actually have criminal records?” Simply put, most employees and potential hires are not criminals and usually the amount of criminal records we … Read more

Criminal Babysitters

Criminal babysitters are out there! After years of telling children, “Don’t talk to strangers” we all too often essentially invite “strangers” into our homes to watch our children without really finding out who they are.  With horrifying headlines like, “Babysitter Convicted of Child Abuse”, “Babysitter Molested Child in Park”, “Babysitter Convicted of Murdering Child” and … Read more

A Background Check on Santa

How can you be certain that the man your children are sitting on isn’t a criminal, or worse, a violent child predator?

Employee Social Security Numbers Stolen and at Risk

Employee Social Security Numbers Stolen and at Risk. Another case of stolen social security numbers. A New Hampshire insurance provider may have had thousands of health care provider’s social security numbers stolen. This is the latest in cases where large quantities of social security number were stolen. It is scary to think that now doctors … Read more

Private Investigators vs. Data Brokers

In this high tech, high speed world, computers and software technology are replacing much of what trained human beings have done for years. Pre-employment screening and pre-employment background checks are no different in this regard. Many software companies and date brokers have found that through the use of complex software programs they are able to … Read more

Faulty Background Check Leads to Lawsuit

Background investigations are hard enough as is without having to deal with locating records in foreign countries. The named investigative agency in the article below outsourced its search of Canadian criminal records to a vendor who handles those types of requests. Unfortunately, this faulty background check turned bad, and the data vendor is now being … Read more

What is Typically Included in a Background Check?

Clients often ask “what is typically included in a background check”. The truth is that there are dozens of different searches that are available to an investigator as part of an employee background check. Some of the searches that are most commonly selected by our clients include: Driving Records Credit Checks Criminal Records (County Level … Read more

Social Networking Sites Provide Relevant Character Information on New Hires

Private investigators find character information. Background investigation companies have known about Facebook, LinkedIn and the dozens of other social networking sites for years. We often use these sites to look into an applicant’s personal life and make an estimation of what type of character that applicant has. Employers appear to be getting in on the … Read more